Tribute Dinner honorees 2018 for web
The Casey Tibbs Foundation 2018 Tribute Dinner Honorees from Saturday night. (L-R) Steve Mowry, Bill & Deb Myers, Kristi Lensegrav-Birkeland, Yvonne & Glen Hollenbeck, Alice Sutton Albin (Raymond Sr's daughter), Georga Sutton (Raymond Sr's daughter-in-law) and Jake Rinehart. Congratulations honorees!



Thanks to all who attended the Casey Tibbs “Match of Champions” Bronc Ride & Bronze Unveiling Event on June 2, 2018

Sanctioned as a PRCA Event for the first time, the 25th Annual Match of Champions on June 2nd was a great success with 1,700 attending! We had the top 10 out of the top twenty bronc riders in the nation, and four World Champions in Fort Pierre. Congratulations to Wade Sundell who won the Match for the fourth time!  

The unveiling of the "Casey Tibbs on The Old Gray Mare" statue was held earlier that day with more than one hundred people attending. This statue of 6 Time World Champion Bronc Rider Casey Tibbs was the second sculpture placed in the Sculpture Garden. The first statue of 5 Time World Champion Bronc Rider Billy Etbauer was placed in 2013. A third bronze of 4 Time World Champion Clint Johnson will be placed in 2018. The museum also displays two large bronze statues inside; all statues are created by T.R. Chytka of Belle Fourche. Once complete, this will highlight the top three bronc riders in South Dakota.

Small replicas of all three outdoor statues are available. Call for more information: 605-494-1094.