Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center

Tornado Bronze

This statue of Casey Tibbs riding out of a tornado was designed by Tony Chytka after the first Match of Champions when a tornado appeared before the sold-out crowd and hung for twenty minutes before moving on down the river.  Many said it was the spirit of Casey Tibbs making a last appearance for the crowd! Tony had committed to making only one hundred of these statues. The only way to get one is to win it or be a sponsor.  One is given each year to the winner of the Match of Champions and the lucky ticket holder at the match.  The sponsors of the statues also receive a statue. For sponsorship information, call Dayle Angyal at 605-223-2449 or write to:

The Casey Tibbs Foundation
PO Box 911

Ft. Pierre, SD 57532

For information on other TR Chytka Bronzes write:

TR Chytka Bronzes
RRl, Box 185

Belle Fourche, SD  57717
(605) 892-2122