Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center

Atrium Statues

casey and mattie in atriumThe focal point of the lobby Atrium of the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center is the bronze statues of Casey Tibbs and Mattie Goff-Newcombe, sculpted by South Dakotan Tony Chytka.

The sculpture on the left captures Casey Tibbs in the moments just before his ten seconds of glory on a bucking bronc began.  The artist, Tony Chytka, grew up attending weekend rodeos on his family's ranch and later entered the arena as a professional bull rider.  This deep understanding of rodeo competition and the ranching lifestyle influences all of Chytka's work.

Mattie Goff-Newcombe performed with exuberance and joy, traits clearly visible in this sculpture of her famous Liberty Stand.  Tony Chytka based this work on a photograph of Mattie performing at the Faith Fair and Rodeo in 1928.  Unlike most sculptors, Chytka does his own bronze casting and finish work at his foundry near Belle Fouche.