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leather cards cross jewelry and hip bags -black background for webbook page black background for webwine glasses and wine page black background for webkerchiefs pouch bag pony black background for webWe have many original South Dakota & Midwestern made products. Check out the leather hip bags, barbwire crosses, Casey Tibbs greeting card gift set, kangaroo leather bracelets and unique stone jewelry.

We also have Casey Cabernet and Mattie's Classic Chardonnay wine, vinted locally.  Get a signature "CT" stemless wine/drink glass. Need customized wine labels for a special person or event? Contact the management staff and we will create one for you.

Check out our local author book selection and DVD's including our best seller "Born to Buck" starring Casey Tibbs. Scroll down to see the entire list of books we have. 

Need a sound activated stick pony for your child or grandchild? We have those too!

These are just a few of our many gift items at our gift shop.

Books for sale at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center:

A Prairie Prayer - Bruce Roseland

A Trunk of Character - Cindy Lea Bahe

Bad River – S.J. King

Belly Full of Bedsprings - Gail Hughbanks Woerner

Between My Horse’s Ears - Slim McNaught

Born to Ride-Hard Cover - Rusty Richards

Born to Ride-Soft Cover - Rusty Richards

Church of the Holy Sunrise - Bruce Roseland

Color Your World - coloring book - Betsey DeLoache

Country Schools: Past and Present - Betsey DeLoache

Cowboy Turtle Assoc. - Gail Hughbanks Woerner

Dad Lemmon’s Friends – Bob Penfield

Dakota Apparitions - Laurel Burke

Dakota Apparitions 2 - Laurel Burke

Dakota Epic - Bill Markley

Daughters of Dakota, Volume II – Sally Roesch Wagner

Daughters of Dakota, Volume V – Sally Roesch Wagner

Dim Trails - Ray Hunter

Eight Seconds of Grace-the Stories of John McBeth - Thad Beery

Fearless Funnymen - Gail Hughbanks Woerner

Fort Pierre: Gate of the Great Far West - Lance Nixon/Betsey DeLoache

Ft. Bennett to Ft. Pierre - Greg Latza

Golden Dolphin - Angel & Deseree Corrales

In Days Gone – Melvin Arthur Anderson

In Fields of Iron – Sculptures by John Lopez – John Lopez

John Lopez Sculpture-Grand River Series - John Lopez

Jest Bout Rodeo – Ed Smyth

Looking for Grass & Water - Ken Halligan

October Storm Atlas: HELL ON EARTH – Melvin Arthur Anderson

Omak Chaps, Free Hand Poetry, Tibbs Necktie Edition – Todd Earl Van Dorn

Pasque Petals – Autumn 2009 – SD State Poetry Society

Plain Jane’s Misadventures 1 - Plain Jane Green

Plain Jane’s Misadventures 2 - Plain Jane Green

Poems for the Common Man - MJ McMillian

Poems for the Common Man V2 - MJ McMillian

Poems for the Common Man V3 - MJ McMillian

Poetry from Cowboy Country – The Way it Looks to Me – Slim McNaughtPony Tracks: Renegades and Ranching on the Rez, Volume II – Melvin Arthur Anderson

Ranchers, Rounders & Ropers - Robert “Junglebob” Dennis

Reflections of a Cowboy Poet - Slim McNaught

Re-Ride - Riley Thelen

Rhymes and Reminiscins - Slim McNaught

Rodeoing on the Island of Okinawa 1954-1955 – Beb Penfield

Rope to Win - Gail Hughbanks Woerner

Roundup! – Paul Andrew Hutton

Somewhere Beyond Alone – Slim McNaught

The Last American Highway - Stew Magnuson

The Last Buffalo - Bruce Roseland

This Cowboy’s Pheasant Hunting Tales – Kenny Konechne

This Cowboy's Cow Sense - Kenny Konechne

This Cowboy’s Wild Tales – Kenny Konechne

Triple Crown Winner –The Earl Sande Saga- Richard J. Maturi

Up The Missouri River with Lewis & Clark- Bill Markley
Who's Under My Bed? The Dustbunny Story-  - Cindy Lea Bahe

Wild Places-Wide Apart - Melvin Arthur Anderson

Wild Ride –The History and Love of Rodeo- Joel Bernstein