Gift Shop

wine glasses and wine page black background for webborn to buck movieWe have many original South Dakota & Midwestern made products. Check out books by local authors, western drawstring bags, dreamcatcher necklaces, leather bracelets, hand-stitched table runners, and unique stone jewelry.

We also have Casey Cabernet and Mattie's Classic Chardonnay wine, vinted locally.  Get a signature "CT" stemless wine/drink glass. Other Casey Tibbs items include: "Born To Buck" DVD, "Born to Ride" biography of Casey Tibbs, card sets, LIFE magazine posters, koozies, shot glasses, t-shirts, kerchiefs, hats and hat pins. 

Items for kids: sound activated stick pony, sheriff badges, bling bracelets, farm puppets, cowboy boot mints, bandanas and more!

DVD's and books for sale at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center: Our best DVD  seller: "Born to Buck" $21.50

Please note: "Born to Buck" has a knock-off brand of the film on priced at $103.14 and $221.84. The jackets don't have the correct picture as the original.